Get fit on vacation!

Travelling to Munich for a few days? Join me for a Pilates session, fitness workout or a vegan cooking class.

Personal Training

Stay active whilst you’re in Munich and don’t miss your exercise. Let’s do a Personal Training session together. We can either meet at a local park, at your hotel or at my home.

I provide

  • mats
  • water
  • equipment (if needed)

Your Personal Training session can be just for yourself or for you plus your travel companion. I’ll make sure you both have fun and enjoy your training. Even if you have different fitness levels, you can train together with your partner. I’ll find different variations of exercises that you can both safely perform.

Make sure you contact me as early as possible. Same day requests might not be available if I’m already booked.

Depending on your interest and fitness level, we can do a Pilates or stretching session, try a TRX Suspension Trainer workout, work with stability balls or BOSU, use some therabands or other small equipment. If you like to break some sweat, sure, let’s do a Power Workout like Tabata, HIIT, Boot Camp or similar together.

What can you expect during your training session?

  • fun
  • more or less sweat (depending on the type of session you choose)
  • training safety
  • exercises according to your fitness level
  • instruction either in German or English


Contact me now for your Personal Training session in Munich


Just send me an Email with your availability, contact details and some general idea what you like to do during your Personal Training and I’ll get back to you quickly.

I love working with people from all over the world. I professionally trained clients in gyms in Australia, California and Germany, so no matter where you’re from, we’ll have a great time exercising together.

Choose your language: English or German and if you understand neither, we’ll use hand and feet language to do a workout 🙂

Vegan Cooking Class

You like to get some new skills and experience vegan food? Sure, you can go to a local restaurant, but why not cook your own food and sample some new dishes? During our cooking class you will try new products, cut some veggies, stir some pots and at the end we will, of course, eat everything 🙂

For your cooking class we meet at my home kitchen. Depending on your availability, we can initially do the shopping together at a local organic supermarket. I will introduce you to common vegan products and foods that we use here in Germany. If you like to skip the shopping part, we’ll meet straight away at my kitchen and all the shopping will be done before you arrive.

Reserve your spot as soon as possible, so I can prepare the recipes according to your gusto. We will have a chat about your food likings before you arrive, so we make only those dishes that you will likely repeat at your home. Recipes might consist of smoothies, veggie soup, dips, salads, stews or pasta. All recipes are easy to cook for everyday usage, we don’t do fancy things that need five hours of preparation.





What can you expect during your cooking class?

  • fun
  • yummie food
  • easy to cook recipes
  • lots of hands on instruction and learning
  • instruction either in German or English


Contact me now for your vegan cooking class in Munich

Just send me an Email with your availability and contact details and  I’ll get back to you quickly.

You like to spend a healthy day in Munich with me for cooking and workouts?

You …

have more time than just a couple of hours?
like to do a workout?
want to cook a yummie vegan meal?

Let’s do a whole day together. Training, shopping, cooking, eating. Whatever you enjoy. We’ll do it together.

Just send me an Email with your availability and contact details and  I’ll get back to you quickly.

My motto: be active and have fun whilst you’re on vacation. It’s the best time to try something new.